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Film about Álvaro Siza (Portuguese

having a cigarret wiht Alvaro SizaFilm: Having a Cigarette with Alvaro Siza

Film: Having a Cigarette with Alvaro Siza

At the Tel Aviv Museum of Art

On Saturday | 17.3 
At: 11:30 

Born in Portugal in 1933, Álvaro Siza has established himself as one of the most influential architects in the world – particularly when it comes to public housing. He initially wanted to be a sculptor, which was viewed as bohemian and irresponsible, so he began studying architecture. Architecture, he explains, is a luxury for the well-to-do; but for him, modern architecture became greatly influential after World War II, with the reconstruction of Europe. After several successful projects in Portugal, Siza, an expert in his field, traveled to Germany, Italy, and other countries to lead public-construction projects. Siza views architecture as a means of continuity and an art form that passes from generation to generation, with each generation learning from the previous one. This film is a magical hour spent with an intelligent and pleasant man, who always has a cigarette in his hand.

< Tickets :http://www.filmart.co.il/film/having-a-cigarette-with-alvaro-siza/

Opening Lecture by Hagit Naali-Joseph and Yinon Geva

Director: Iain Dilthey | Producer: Iain Dilthey, Susann Schimk | Cinematographer: Isabelle Casez | Editor: Frederik Bösing |

»With the Patronage of Instituto Camões and the Portuguese Embassy in Tel Aviv

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